Region Student Branches: (Chapter)

UF - University of Florida - Gainesville (Jacksonville)

UCF - University of Central Florida - Orlando (Central Florida)

USF - University of South Florida - Tampa (Florida West Coast)

FIU - Florida International University - (Miami)

FAU - Florida Atlantic University, Florida Technical College Pembroke Pines - (Gold Coast)

FIT - Florida Institute of Technology - (Spacecoast)

FTC - Florida Technical College - Kissimmee - (Spacecoast)

PR - University of Turabo, Politechnic University, University of Puerto Rica-Mayaguez - (Puerto Rico)

PUCP - Peru - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru - Lima - (Florida West Coast)

UM - University of Miami, Lindsey Hopkins Tech Education Center, Miami Senior Adult Education Center - (Miami)

UNF - University of North Florida - (Jacksonville)

Universidade De Brasilia, UMC Universidade De Mogi das Cruzes - (Brasil)

Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Universidad Nacional Lujan + UTN, Libertador, Efficiency, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Instituto Tecnológico Universitario, Ingeniería UNC, Tecnológico Argentino, Universidad Tecnológia Nacional- Architectural Faculty - (Argentina)

Universidad Nacional , Universidad de los Andes, Universidad El Bosque - (Colomibia)

Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (Central & South America)


The Design Competition 2016 selected University of Central Florida as 1st Place in Integrated Sustainable Building Design. Let´s congratulate them.

The Design Competition 2015 selected University of Central Florida as 2nd Place in Design Calculations. Let´s congratulate them.

The Design Competition 2014 selected University of Central Florida as 1st Place in Design Calculations. Let´s congratulate them.

The Design Competition 2013 selected University of Florida as Rising Star in HVAC Design Calculations. Let´s congratulate them.

2016 Design Competition:


The 2017 student competition focuses on a new single-story with mezzanine office and repair building in the Diego Ramirez Islands (Islas Diego Ramirez) in Chile, South America. Unlike past competitions the building must be located in  the Diego Ramirez Islands, or the entry will be disqualified. The final HVAC System Selection and Design for the proposed building shall address the following major design goals:


  • Low Life Cycle Cost
  • Low Environmental Impact
  • Comfort and Health
  • Creative High Performance Green Design
  • Synergy (with architecture)

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K - 12 STEM

K - 12 Resource Center

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These are the new scholarships, which will be available for 2016-2017:

  • Gordon V.R. Holness Scholarship, named in honor of ASHRAE Presidential Member Holness, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, who served as president in 2009-10.
  • ASHRAE Central New York Chapter King-Traugott Scholarship, named in memory of Fritz Traugott, Ph.D., Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member, and Harry King, Life Member. King created the Air Conditioning Engineering Technology program at SUNY Canton in 1946 and helped orchestrate its tremendous growth until his retirement in 1983. After receiving his doctorate from Syracuse University, Traugott went on to become a guest lecturer and lifelong supporter of the University, sharing a vision for the motivation, inspiration, and education of young engineers, especially in energy conservation.
  • James R. Bullock Jr. Scholarship, named in honor of Bullock, P.E., Life Member, a longtime ASHRAE member who serves as president of Environmental Air Systems Inc.
  • Freshman Engineering Scholarship

The following are the ASHRAE’s scholarship assistance for 2015-2016:

  • Willis H. Carrier Scholarships: $10,000 each for one year The scholarship was established by the Carrier Corp. in memory of its founder, who installed the world’s first scientifically designed air-conditioning system.
  • Reuben Trane Scholarships: $10,000 each to be awarded over two years. The scholarship was established by the Trane Co. in memory of its founder, an innovative engineer, inventor and business executive.
  • Lynn G. Bellenger Engineering Scholarship: $5,000 for one year. The scholarship recognizes a female undergraduate engineering student and is named in memory of the Society’s first female president.
  • Lynn G. Bellenger Engineering Technology Scholarship: $5,000 for one year.  The scholarship recognizes female engineering technology students.
  • Region IV Benny Bootle Scholarship: $5,000 for one year. The scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate engineering or architecture student attending an institution in ASHRAE Region IV, which covers North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. It is named for a former Region VI chair and regional director on the ASHRAE Board of Directors.
  • Frank M. Coda Scholarship: $5,000 for one year. The scholarship was created in memory of ASHRAE’s former executive vice president, who served from 1981-2004.
  • David C.J. Peters Scholarship: $5,000 for one year. The scholarship was created by Southland Industries to honor Peters, an advocate of recruiting quality.
  • Duane Hanson Scholarship: $5,000 for one year, Jordan Shefchik, University of Wisconsin-Madison, mechanical engineering.  The scholarship was established by Gayner Engineers and is named for the company’s former president.
  • Alwin B. Newton Scholarship: $5,000 for one year. The scholarship is named for an industry pioneer and ASHRAE Fellow who was granted 219 patents.
  • General Scholarships: $5,000 each for one year.
  • Legacy Scholarship: $5,000 for one year.
  • Bachelor Engineering Technology Scholarship: $5,000 each.
  • Associate Engineering Technology Scholarship: $5,000 for one year.

The following awards provide one-year $3,000 scholarships:

  • Minnesota Chapter Scholarship:  Matthew Hamilton, University of Wisconsin, mechanical engineering.
  • New Jersey Chapter Scholarship: Adel Njeim, City College of New York, mechanical engineering.
  • Henry Adams Scholarship: Smart Maduka, University of Lagos, mechanical engineering.  The scholarship was established by Henry Adams, Inc. in memory of its founder, a charter member and sixth president of ASHRAE’S predecessor society, ASHVE, established in 1899.
  • Region III Boggarm S. Setty Scholarship:   Andrew Brouwers, Pennsylvania State University, architectural engineering/mechanical engineering option.  This scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate engineering student attending an institution within ASHRAE Region III, which covers Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C. and is named after Setty, Fellow ASHRAE, Life Member.
  • Region VIII Scholarship:   Brandon Comisarenco, University of Texas, architectural engineering.  The scholarship is awarded to a student attending a school in ASHRAE Region VIII, which includes Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mexico and parts of Louisiana and Texas.
  • High School Senior Scholarships: Claire Feind, Texas A&M University, engineering; Rachel Hutzel, Purdue University, mechanical engineering technology; Brooke Bialas, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, mechanical engineering; and Morgan Kelley, Texas A&M University, engineering.  The scholarships are provided for high school seniors entering their freshman year of college in an engineering or engineering technology program.

For more information on ASHRAE scholarships, visit Applications are now being accepted for the 2016-2017 undergraduate, regional/chapter and university-specific scholarships. The deadline is December 1, 2015.


ASHRAE is unique because its membership is drawn from a wide range of disciplines relating to the HVAC&R field. Approximately 54,000 individuals from more than 100 nations belong to the Society. Among them are students, consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, building owners, and employees of manufacturing companies, educational institutions, research organizations, government or any organization concerned with environmental control. Members range from students to longtime engineers and professionals in other related disciplines such as architecture and medical research

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