CIAR 2015 - MADRID - Spain

The XIII Ibero American Congress of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning will be held in Madrid, Spain, April 28 to 30, 2015. Its central theme is in search of An Efficient Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.

Juan José Quixano Burgos, President of FAIAR and ATECYR welcome our community to this great event of our society with these words:

The air conditioning has become the essential part in the energy structure of the countries, as the consumption of buildings is the third cost of energy and the air conditioning and hot water accounts for over 60% of this consumption. It is therefore important to know the current legal framework and  adapt the new technologies in order to find a practical way to apply these to new and existing installations in the Region.

The CIAR Congress - Ibero-American Congress of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration has been organized since 1991 in order to exchange knowledge and experience with peers.

Currently the CIAR is an important discussion forum for Spanish and Portuguese speaking people in the areas of refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and all related activities such as energy conservation, automation, environmental impact, among others. Besides CIAR promotes brotherhood, friendship and knowledge sharing among all members from participant countries.

CIAR is promoted by FAIAR - Latin American Federation of Associations of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration - A nonprofit organization organization that brings together the Associations of Spain - ATECYR, Argentina - AAF, ABRAVA Brazil, Colombia - ACAIRE, Cuba - IRC, Ecuador - ATEAAR, Mexico - AMERIC, Peru - APVARC, Uruguay - ASURVAC, Venezuela - VENACOR, United States - ASHRAE, Chile - DIT and Portugal - EFRIARC.

ATECYR is the Member Association FAIAR responsible for organizing the XIII edition of CIAR with the special collaboration of the Energy Foundation of the Community of Madrid.

The conference has the theme "In search of an efficient air conditioning"

Designers, manufacturers, installers, maintainers, owners and users have the opportunity to attend this Congress and contrast or expand their knowledge in the subject.

On the other hand, to be held in Madrid on 28, 29 and 30 April 2015, will allow you to enjoy a unique setting in a welcoming and friendly city, with caring companion program presented, we are sure will satisfy the most demanding .

To read the proposed program click here and for more information visit CIAR 2015.

Non oficial English version by Gerardo Alfonso - Colombia Chapter